Now that you've successfully completed Level 1 and Level 2, the guidelines for Level 3 will reinforce and strengthen your new habit of eating the right food combinations to fuel your body efficiently.  

SUPPLEMENTS: Continuing with the gut-healthy supplement pack daily to support digestive health and inflammation which is critical as you begin to consume more complex foods on a regular basis. They also aid in the body’s natural stress-fighting abilities keeping the adrenal system in balance so symptoms like low energy, restless sleep, cravings, anxiety, and your response to stress in general will continue to improve.

MEALS: Follow Level 2 schedule for timing of meals and snacks. Prioritize eating high quality, grass-fed hormone/antibiotic free meats and wild caught fish, organic fruits, and vegetables whenever possible and adding heart healthy fats.  Review daily self check weekly to stay on track with targets eating goals.

WEEKLY REBOOT – KEY TO MANAGING YOUR 20%:  When it comes to eating 20% of the foods you enjoy off plan – they most likely include having some carbs, sugar, processed foods, alcohol or dining out. You will undoubtedly feel the difference in how your body responds to these foods, so a weekly reboot is highly recommended. 

This means following Level 1 food protocol for a few days a week for an internal reset. Most often its done Monday through Wednesday after the weekend OR if your work requires meals out, travel or entertainment reset over the weekend Friday through Sunday once you are back in your kitchen and can focus on meal prep.Use the meal plan worksheet from level 1 to help keep you on track during the reset days

BETR APP & ACCOUNTABILITY PLAN:  Do not slide back into eating a pattern of eating 60/40 or 50/50!  Work closely with your coach to define the best option to keep you motivated and on a path to ensure continued success. 

EXERCISE: Increase cardio and resistance exercise. 

To lose weight: 4-5 days, 45-60 minutes.
To maintain weight: 3-4 days, 30-45 minutes.

  1.  Cardio: brisk walking, stationary bike, elliptical

  2.  Resistance: use light weights, resistance bands, your own body weight

  3.  Stretching: Yoga, Pilates

WATER: The goal is to drink approximately 60-80 ounces of water a day unless otherwise recommended by your doctor. If you are not at that 60-80 ounce goal, we suggest building up slowly to prevent flushing out your electrolytes.  Always drink to match thirst!

RECORDING LINK FROM LEVEL 3 GROUP CALL:  http://bit.ly/Level3Transition1-14-20

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