If Your Progress Has Stalled or Declined, Ask Yourself These Questions... 

If No Click No
Did I Get Solid Sleep?  Yes No
Did I Get Enough Water? Yes No
Did I Get 70%+ Raw?  Yes No
Did I Get Enough Protein Variety?  Yes No
Did I Eat Anything New?  Yes No
Did I Eat Out?  Yes No
Did I Eat All My Snacks & Meals?  Yes No
Did I Eat Meals on Schedule?  Yes No
Did I Have All My Supplements?  Yes No
Did I Have A Bowel Movement?  Yes No
Did My Mood Go Up? Yes No
Did My Energy Go Up? Yes No
Did My Weight Go Down? Yes No
Do I Know What's For Lunch and Dinner? Yes No

***Note*** If you have stalled for more than 2-3 days while following the protocol, click the Insta-Chat button on the bottom right of this screen for live coaching assistance.

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