You'll notice that almost all dairy is missing from the level 1 list, except cottage cheese. We recommend all new members hold back on dairy products for the first 2 to 3 days to establish the best baseline. 

Cottage cheese is mainly recommended for vegetarian protein and activity fuel for members who are working or more active. If you are not in either of these two categories, we recommend waiting until Level 2 to re-introduce cottage cheese. 

As for anything, work with your coach to customize your food plan to best fit your lifestyle and preferences! 

Fun Facts: 

Many of us are unfamiliar with this protein-packed cheese product, so here is all you need to know about cottage cheese!

  • Cottage cheese is a mixture of fresh cheese "curds" which have a mild flavor

  • Cottage cheese is not aged or colored

  • There are two types of curd sizes, smaller curds are more acidic, larger curds tend to be sweeter


  • A four oz. serving of 4% cottage cheese has about 120 calories, 5 g fat (3 g saturated), 3 g carbs, and 12 g protein

  • It is also low in sodium and cholesterol and high in calcium

  • Great activity fuel after a workout

Ways to eat cottage cheese:

  • With your morning fruit

  • With the Betr Strawberry Jam

  • With a salad

  • with salt and pepper

  • with tomato and basil

  • By its self

In Level 2 you can experiment with the appropriate add-ins - protein doesn't need to be boring! 

What's the best brand to buy? 

Good culture's low-fat variety is a great cottage cheese choice.  The salt in cottage cheese not only enhances flavor but also contributes to texture and functions as a preservative. Therefore, you generally won’t find low-sodium versions.  However, one study found that rinsing cottage cheese under running water for three minutes, then draining it, reduced-sodium content by 63%.  Not exactly the tastiest option but one way to be serious about sodium reduction.  Also, the no salt added varieties then have to rely on other chemical preservatives to offset the normal action of sodium.  So it's not a great tradeoff in the end.  Best to stick with the Good Culture.  :)

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