How much weight should I expect to lose?

On average, our clients lose 5%-7% of their body weight during Level 1.   Your overall results will depend on your goals and how closely you stick to the Level 1 plan.

What is a serving size? Should I count calories?

At Betr, we DO NOT count calories, weight or portion out amounts.  We do not subscribe to “Move More, Eat Less”.  Instead, we prefer “Eat More, Stress Less.”  By eating high-quality foods, you'll soon realize that losing weight is less about portion control and more about nourishment.  Our recipes typically are for one person, but some are double portions intended for leftovers used the next day on our meal plans.  Our goal is to have you eat until you feel full and satisfied with each snack and meal.  If you have a physically demanding job or are exercising regularly, portions and activity fuel should be adjusted. Work with your coach to customize your plan based on your results and preferences. 

Are supplements required? 

Ultimately, the high-quality foods that you will be eating are most important for your success. The Betr Health nutrient kit is used to aid in rebooting your metabolism, breaking down fat, digesting optimally, and balancing stress levels. They are not fat burners or metabolism boosters, our supplements are designed to work naturally with your body as the building blocks of healthier cells, tissues and organs. Dr. Ferro created a proprietary formula to supply the body with proper nutrients for healthier and improved digestion. Supplement Ingredient information

Why only these foods on the Level 1 list? 

A thriving microbiome dramatically improves your health, making it easy to lose weight and improve energy, sleep, and mood. Hydrating and nourishing the body with foods that are low inflammatory, low acidity, and have very little if any associated food intolerances will be essential in restoring your gut health. 

Do I have to only purchase organic? 

We recommend consuming organic foods during the temporary Level 1 reset to ensure that no additional toxins, pesticides, and hormones interfere with the purification process and reset of the body’s weight regulation receptors. 

If you're not able to get everything organic, we recommend prioritizing your produce based on these guidelines!

How often will I chat with my coach?  What if I have questions?

You will have your Introduction call with your coach before you begin Level 1 to ensure that you know how to navigate the app and are prepared to start. Your coach will check in with you at least once a day M-F. If you have any questions that need a quick response you can use our Insta-Chat coaching where we have coaches online for real-time support.

Why do I have to take food pictures? 

Your coach’s job is to analyze the combinations of foods you're eating and portion sizes to make the necessary modifications based on your progress.  At any point, if your weight loss stalls, your coach can look through your meals and pinpoint exactly what the issue may be.  Often times, we see that clients aren't eating enough! 

Can I continue taking medications and vitamins with the Betr supplements?

The Betr supplements are plant-based, all-natural, and have not been shown to interact with any medications.  The supplements contain all of the essential vitamins and minerals you will need, so there is no need to take any additional vitamins. If you have any concerns or questions about your health, you should always consult with a physician or other health-care professional. 

What happens if I eat off plan? 

To maximize your results, stay as close to the Level 1 plan as possible.  That being said, the program is about being Betr, not perfect!  One bad day does not need to turn into one bad week. Let your coach know, and they will help you get back on track!

What greens should I eat? 

We recommend eating at least 70% of your veggies raw, and having one large mixed green salad daily will help you reach this goal! All leafy greens are good except iceberg lettuce which has no nutritional value. Here's more advice on creative ways to increase your veggie intake!

Do I have to meal prep? 

Meal prepping is not required, but recommended to help ensure the most success. You can also eliminate prep time by getting triple washed, precut greens - just open the bag and you are ready to go. Use cherry tomatoes and pre-cut veggies so you do not have to do extra cutting which is the most time consuming part of meal prepping! 

Can I eat frozen fruits and veggies? 

Yes, frozen products are great when your favorites are out of season. They are also handy to have in the freezer for smoothies! 

How do I make my dressings and sauces? 

We recommend using Braggs brand dressings or making your own! Check out the dressings recipes section on our website, or you can use 1 TBS of the Level 1 approved oils with salt and pepper, squeeze fresh lemons or limes, Apple cider vinegar, Liquid Aminos, or fresh salsa for dressing options! 

Can I cook with oils? 

We recommend holding back on oils when it comes to cooking and using broth instead. Choose broth with no sodium or low sodium (70-80 mg) and no added sugar. Best rule of thumb is to not heat up your oil, but if you must, we recommend dipping a paper towel in grape seed or coconut oil and rubbing it over your cooking pan. Learn more about our oil guide!

I have a big sweet tooth. What sweetener can I use? 

Liquid Stevia is the approved sweetener on the program. It’s comes directly from the plant and is used in many recipes from our cookbook. "Sweet Leaf" is a brand we recommend; you can find it on or Whole Foods. Both have a large selection of flavors. Stay away from artificial flavors! 

Can I eat bread? 

We recommend holding back on eating bread on Level 1 (remember, this is temporary!), however, you are allowed to eat your daily ration of Matzoh crackers. Matzoh crackers are used for bread crumbs in recipes like meatballs, meatloaf, and bruschetta, or you can eat the prescribed amount with your meals.

How much water should I drink daily? 

The goal is to drink approximately 60-80 ounces of water a day unless otherwise recommended by your doctor. If you are not at that 60-80 ounce goal, we suggest building up slowly to prevent flushing out your electrolytes. A great way to do this is by adding an extra half cup of water each day until you are at your goal. If you think water tastes boring, you can diffuse it with level 1 fruits and/or veggies! 

Can I drink any flavored teas? 

Yes, but always read the label! Many flavored teas and coffee contain hidden sugar alcohol or additives. Choose those with spice or fruit like cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, or lemon instead.

Can I be on level 1 and still cook with/for my family? 

Absolutely! You can make recipes in bulk to feed everyone,  plus have some to freeze as leftovers. Great examples are the meatballs, sloppy joes, meatloaf, beef chili, and vegetable crockpot stew.

What if my weight stalls? 

During Level 1, it's normal to hit a plateau where weight loss could stall for 2-3 days. For people losing an average of 1-2 pounds per day, it is common to have a stall in the second week. This plateau doesn't mean that you're no longer responding normally to Level 1.  This is a GOOD SIGN that your body is adjusting to its new weight.

Will I be losing muscle as well as losing fat?

We do not allow people to go into starvation mode on our program, while steadily nourishing it with high quality nutrition throughout the day.  Our balanced meals and snacks built around whole food of lean protein, healthy fats, fresh vegetables and fruits should be the staples in a healthy meal plan.  Betr checks all the boxes when it comes to daily nourishing an individual AND focuses on digestive health to promote internal healing so the body naturally metabolizes stored energy in fat tissue and we add exercise in to after the reset to build up muscle tissue, which in turns creates a higher basal metabolic rate.

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