Raw vegetables are a nutritional powerhouse and the naturally occurring enzymes help the body break down cooked foods.  This digestive support is extremely helpful especially during the beginning of the program because it takes about three weeks before your gut health is fully restored.  Our recommendation is that you consume 70% of your vegetables raw and experiment with different leafy greens from the level 1 food list when preparing cooked.  

If you are tired of eating a salad every day here are a few tips to add a bit more variety. 

Add a Green Smoothie - Try our Kale Berry Smoothie with hemp or chia seeds for an occasional meal replacement.  Greens like spinach, baby kale or even beet greens have a mild taste and are great to use a smoothie base.  

Add Sweet Veggies - Try a new veggie like fennel which has a sweet taste. Its high in fiber and is great for a stand alone snack or filled with a protein like cottage cheese for a meal.  

Replace Salads with Lettuce Wraps - Try wrapping burgers or any grilled protein in leafy greens like romaine or different colored Swiss chard.  Use butter lettuce as a bowl for our Chili, Sloppy Joe or Chicken Salad recipe. 

Try Organic Salsa - use fresh veggies and spices to make an organic salsa or use our Bruschetta recipe as a topping over any grilled protein. 

If you are tired of eating steamed vegetables every day here are a few tips to add a bit more variety. 

Bake Kale Chips - Spray some Bragg Liquid Amino's over kale and bake until crisp for a delicious snack!

Saute Veggies - Use 1-2 tsp of Grapeseed or Coconut Oil and garlic to saute veggies like peppers, onions, spinach, beet greens and zucchini. Add your favorite spices and 3 egg whites and you have a complete meal. 

Vegetable Beef Stew - Make a large serving of soup in a crock pot and serve with some raw veggies for a complete meal.  

Eat smarter.  Live betr.

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